81 Days Later

I’m not really sure what to tell you guys.

As some of you (may) have noticed, I’ve been gone for several months.  Each passing Monday I think about my #MotivationMondays and how much I miss writing them. Every single Monday. That’s like 11 Mondays. But anyway, the truth is, I haven’t been feeling like I’m qualified to write them. I don’t want to be hypocritical.

I’m in an unstable place in my life. Who isn’t at some point? I’ve just needed some time to collect myself. For anyone out there who may read my posts, and for anyone who may care, I will be back. I’ve started to feel the fight in me making its way back into my heart.

I guess I’ll just share with you something I wrote somewhat recently that explains everything/nothing:

I have a thirst

to run

far and fast and free

so wildly

that even I can’t

catch myself–


or perhaps

that is why I’m running.


4 thoughts on “81 Days Later

  1. I hope you can find some clarity soon. One thing to note and something that I have learned about being qualified to do things in our life is that most people that we perceive as “qualified” to tell us something or to do something were never technically qualified from the start. Like everyone else, they have a journey that gets them there.

    They knew they just had to start doing it. They had to just start giving advice because advice in itself is skill that we need to learn how to do. Not everyone can give advice in the same way. Some of us are better with telling stories, some of us better with actions and some of us better with pen and paper because in person we are of shy caliber.

    I try to remind myself one more thing as well. If we aren’t doing something, if we aren’t giving advice, if we aren’t helping others through our words and actions, who will? If we are not doing, it is one less person reaching out to others and over time that’s a lot to lose.

    In your situation though, I find it very important to recollect and find your center again. You need to focus on you to be able to pursue the things you hope for.

    That’s enough of me rambling….I hope you have a great day.

    • Thank you, Jacob. Your words of kindness truly make such a difference in my motivation. I really did need to just take some time away and regain my thoughts/heart.I am so accustomed to positive thinking and forcing my way to a good outcome, but the past few months made that exceptionally challenging. I’m not used to feeling so down for so long.

      Fortunately, the past three days have reignited the fire in me. The overwhelming support from my friends (you included!) and family have gotten me over what, at one point, seemed to be the insurmountable. Even more fortunately, I’ve discovered new opportunities that set me ablaze again. I simply cannot wait to start my new journey. I’m thinking I should maybe blog about it 🙂

      Again, thank you. Your placement in my life could not have been more perfectly timed. Stay you.

      • It’s been a strange winter. You are not alone in the dark season we are in. Many of my friends seem to be struggling with optimism as well.

        It’s nice to know that our friendship is bringing good things. Sometimes the people we meet in life are timed for a reason. Beyond our own comprehension. Glad to be timed perfectly for you.

        Blogging about your journey and sharing your thoughts is something we all should be doing. Blogging allows us to exhale ideas and refine them in front of our own eyes rather then let them float around in the clouds. I encourage you to blog during both good and bad times in your life.

        Hopefully we can meet up soon and chat some more.

  2. I agree. I’d love to collaborate and do a project of some sort. This blog is cool and all, but I value collaboration more than just about anything. Even just talking. Also, my next post will probably be about struggling and the necessity of it. Stay tuned 😉

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