My Biggest Mistake Was Listening To You

^Couldn’t agree with this more! DREAM BIG!

Thought Catalog

I’ve never been like other people.

Maybe that’s too grand a statement. Maybe there are too many people in this big loud world for me to be an original. So allow me rephrase. What I mean to say is that I never felt like other people. And that was once my favorite thing about me. That I never lived in someone else’s version of the truth.

I used to feel bad for people like that. The kids who didn’t believe in magic. The teachers who said students who were good at writing simply couldn’t be good at math. The friends who told me I couldn’t possibly still feel a deceased Grandmother’s kiss on my forehead at night. The peers who scoffed when I said I wanted to be a writer. How dull a life they must lead I thought. A life without possibility. A life without imagination. A life without…

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